Zistos Portable Video Systems

HD Wired USB Adapter


The HD Wired USB Adapter is a cable, which attaches to the ZistosHD Handle and provides a wired connection from the Handle to a Rugged 5″ Tablet (TABLET-5AR-HD).


  • Easily attaches to ZistosHD Handle without tools
  • Supported only by the Rugged 5″ Tablet (TABLET-5AR-HD)
  • Tablet can be pole mounted while the adapter is in place
  • Coil Cord extends to 3ft for handheld operation of the tablet
  • The ZistosHD Handle automatically shuts off its internal radio when the HD Wired USB Adapter is attached and plugged into the Tablet, in order to reduce power consumption. This can be changed to have the radio always on or always off.

Download Spec Sheet

WPH-USB | HD Wired USB Adapter

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