Zistos Portable Video Systems

Wireless Bridge


The ZistosHD Wireless Bridge is a module, which attaches to any ZistosHD Handle and provides a connection to another network. It is programmed as a client and provides a wireless connection from the ZistosHD Handle to the other network. Note that the internal radio of the ZistosHD Handle is still operating as an access point on its own network.


  • Easily attaches to ZistosHD Handle without tools
  • Powered from ZistosHD Handle
  • Must be reprogrammed in the field, or at the factory upon request to connect to another network
  • The internal radio of the ZistosHD Handle still provides a connection to its local tablet(s). This keeps their connection intact, in the event the handle/tablet pair are outside the range of the other network.

Download Spec Sheet

WPH-WB | Wireless Bridge

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