Zistos Portable Video Systems

HD WiFi Video Transmitter


The WXMT-WIFI is a module that attaches to any WalkAbout or StealthSCOPE, and transmits audio/video over Wi-Fi to any ZistosHD tablet, running the ZistosHD Android App. The WXMT-WIFI is programmed as an access point creating its own network, identical to the operation of all ZistosHD Handles.


  • Easily attaches to the WalkAbout, StealthSCOPE and ExplorerSCOPE in the field without tools
  • Powered from the WalkAbout or StealthSCOPE – no separate battery
  • Weather resistant
  • Viewed on any ZistosHD tablet running the ZistosHD App, including the:
    5″ rugged tablet TABLET-5AR-HD
    10″ rugged tablet TABLET-10A-HD
    5″ tablet TABLET-5AB-HD
  • Although programmed as an access point, the WXMT-WIFI can be reprogrammed in the field, or at the factory upon request, to be a client to another network
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