Zistos Portable Video Systems

HD WiFi Video Transmitter


The HD WiFi Video Transmitter is a module that attaches to any WalkAbout or StealthSCOPE, and transmits audio/video over Wi-Fi to any ZistosHD tablet, running the ZistosHD Android App. The HD WiFi Video Transmitter is programmed as an access point creating its own network, identical to the operation of all ZistosHD Handles.


  • Easily attaches to the WalkAbout, StealthSCOPE and ExplorerSCOPE in the field without tools
  • Powered from the WalkAbout or StealthSCOPE – no separate battery
  • Weather resistant
  • Viewed on any ZistosHD tablet running the ZistosHD App, including the:
    5″ rugged tablet TABLET-5AR-HD
    10″ rugged tablet TABLET-10A-HD
    5″ tablet TABLET-5AB-HD
  • Although programmed as an access point, the WXMT-WIFI can be reprogrammed in the field, or at the factory upon request, to be a client to another network

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WXMT-WIFI | HD WiFi Video Transmitter

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