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Talkback Audio Module


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AAM-TB-HD | Talkback Audio Module

The ZistosHD Talkback Audio Module (AAM-TB-HD) adds 2-way communication to a ZistosHD System by adding a speaker and amplifier between the pole and camera. It is used in Rescue Systems and Tech Rescue Systems to communicate with trapped victims. It can also used in ZistosHD Industrial Systems for confined space applications, to communicate with the entrants.

The Module is a half-duplex communication system, using one direction at a time – either talk or listen. It doesn’t contain a microphone since all supported cameras have built-in microphones.

The AAM-TB-HD requires an earpiece or headset, which can be ordered separately. The ZistosHD Tech Rescue* and Rescue Systems are supplied with a Bluetooth earpiece (BHP-EP).


  • Attaches between any ZistosHD pole or cable and certain ZistosHD cameras
  • Supported cameras include:
    • WPC-2.0-HD/TB
    • WPC-2.5Z-HD/TB
    • WPC-3.5Z-HD/TB
    • THC-51D-HD/TB
  • The primary PTT (Push-To-Talk) button is located on the ZistosHD Handle
    (the center round button). The ZistosHD app also contains a PTT button.
  • The AAM-TB-HD is included in any Tech Rescue or Rescue System ending in “-2.0T”
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