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ZDV-HD Dual View Under Door Camera

HD Dual View Under Door Camera


The Zistos® HD Dual View Under-the-Door Camera is a valuable addition to any tactical system, providing a safe and covert look into rooms that are locked or barricaded.



  • Two miniature CCD, recessed in tongue
  • IR illuminated
  • Frame integration electronics provides superior image in total darkness
  • Requires only a 1/4in (6.4mm) door-to-floor clearance
  • Integrated miniature microphone adds audio
  • Audio enhancement circuitry amplifies low sounds while suppressing loud sounds
  • Detachable, dedicated pole (HDP-UDC) with universal joint affords safe deployment and horizontal panning of room
  • Direct video cable connection (without pole) for static surveillance situations
  • Compatible with only ZistosHD Systems
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