Zistos Portable Video Systems

Rugged 5" Tablet


The TABLET-5AR-HD is a fully-rugged, extended temperature range, 5 inch Android tablet well suited for outdoor operation in harsh environments.  The tablet comes preloaded with the ZistosHD App which fully integrates with the ZistosHD camera for control, viewings, and recording.


  • Sunlight readable 5 inch LCD with adaptive brightness (adjust brightness based upon lighting conditions)
  • Can withstand a 4 foot drop
  • Removable uSD card for image storage and management (32GB provided, 256GB Maximum)
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Dedicated Android touch buttons
  • Fits in any ZistosHD case with other equipment or its dedicated own case

ZistosHD Application Features

  • Views any Zistos camera in the ZistosHD family
  • Immediately loads and connects to camera upon booting the tablet
  • Records snapshots and videos
  • Responds to buttons pressed on the ZistosHD Handle
  • Controls any ZistosHD camera or motorized pole
  • Able to set file name prefix for easy file identification

Download Spec Sheet

TABLET-5AR-HD | Rugged 5" Tablet

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