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Vehicle Inspection Pole & SLEDs


The HDP-FC9S pole is the Vehicle Inspection Pole with SLED mounting bracket. The SLED-HD is our Wireframe Sled option which is suited for flat surfaces such as blacktop. The SLED-RS-HD is our Rough Surface Sled which is better suited for rough or uneven surfaces such as snow, sand & gravel.


  • HDP-FC9S – Vehicle Inspection Pole with Friction Hinge, control knob & SLED mount
  • SLED-HD – Wireframe Sled designed for flat surfaces – Blacktop, concrete, etc.
  • SLED-RS-HD – Rough Surface Sled designed for rough surfaces – Snow, Sand, etc.

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HDP-FC9S/SLED-HD/SLED-RS-HD | Vehicle Inspection Pole & SLEDs

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