Zistos Portable Video Systems

Kit Contents – Part Number: HDTI-10A-TIP6-3.5Z



10” Tablet, 32G uSD Card, Charger



Spare battery for 10A Tablet



Dual bay battery charger for 10A batteries



HD Handle



Battery Charger



Rechargeable Battery, Extended Capacity (2 included)



Telescoping, Carbon Fiber Tanker Inspection Pole



30X HD Zoom Camera with illumination and microphone



Hard Carry Case with custom fit foam pockets

Download Spec Sheet

HDTI-10A-TIP6-3.5Z Tanker Inspection System

30X Tanker Inspection System w/ Large Tablet


System Configuration Summary:

  • Rugged 10” Tablet w/ 2 Batteries & SD Card (TABLET-10A-HD)
  • 6’ Telescoping, Manual Pan & Tilt Pole (TIP-B6-HD)
  • 30X Optical Zoom Camera (WPC-3.5Z-HD)
  • ZistosHD Control Handle (WPH-HD) with 2 Batteries (BAT15-XL)

System Description

The HDTI-10A-TIP6-3.5Z is a tanker inspection system with a 30X optical zoom color camera mounted on a joystick-like t-pole that has a metal bar that is meant to span and sit on a man-way. The system’s main application is as an inspection tool for rail tankers or tanker trucks that increases the safety and effectiveness of an inspection operation by providing video of the interior of a tanker without the need to have the inspector enter the space. This system can also be used in a confined space entry operation by being used by the attendant to visually see into the tank and keep an eye on the entrant who had to enter.


The system is a hand held pole camera that can transmit encrypted, low-latency (delay), WiFi images that are viewed on to a 10” tablet. The system also supports wired operation in situations where wireless operation is not feasible. The tablet features a removable battery that is hot-swappable. This negates the need to take the tablet out of service if its battery gets low. The tablet can be handheld or mounted using any 3rd party 10” tablet mounts at the user’s discretion. It is configured with a pole mounted camera that telescopes out to yield a total system length of 6 feet including the handle. Once the system’s t-pole is seated on the man-way, the camera is positioned using the poles joystick-like design to see the entire interior of any tank. Videos and still images can be saved on the tablet for archival purposes and to provide proof of a successful inspection. The 10” tablet display was selected for this system features a rugged, industrial design, excellent screen brightness and resolution. It also has a removable SD card that can be removed to archive captured images and video clips.


This hand-held pole camera system and display can be used as an inspection tool to increase the safety and effectiveness of tanker inspections by remaining outside of the confined space. The system allows operators to see into confined spaces that may harbor an unknown and hidden danger, such as limited oxygen, using a 30X optical zoom camera that supports up to 1080P resolution. The modular design is ruggedly built and compatible with many other Zistos specialty cameras such as thermal, low-light and valve inspection cameras.


The system is ideally suited for looking into confined spaces such as tanks, vats, vaults, silos, large void spaces, etc. It allows inspectors to see within a confined space as well as monitor an entrant who has entered without having to enter themselves.


  • Confined Space/Entanglement Safety Inspection
  • Visual monitoring of a confined space entrant by an attendant who remains outside of the space
  • Preventative maintenance of degrading components (hot spots) with optional thermal imagery
  • Asset inventory & maintenance documentation


  • 30X Optical Zoom Color camera (sees 100 feet [30M] in the dark)
  • Fully rugged 10” wireless display with swappable battery – no down time to recharge
  • Removable SD card for images – archive images on original media without the need to copy from the tablet.
  • Telescoping pole yields 6-foot total system length, (including handle)
  • Submersible pole and camera, (submersible up to the ZistosHD pole handle)
  • Fully compatible with other Zistos camera products
  • Battery runtime of 6+ hours with illuminators on, (8 hours with illuminators off)
  • Transmits images in up to 1080P resolution using encrypted WiFi to multiple viewers
  • Wireless or wired operation
  • All weather design


  • Improves safety of workers
  • Provides the ability to see in places that are dangerous or difficult to access
  • Decreases the number of necessary confined space entries

The HDTI-10A-TIP6-3.5Z contains:

  • A 10” fully rugged tablet preconfigured to communicate with the pole camera and includes the Zistos imaging software application.
  • A detachable telescoping pole with a joystick-like camera mount that attaches to the ZistosHD handle to create a system reach of 6’.
  • The ZistosHD handle is the power source and functional camera control for any ZistosHD modular system. It also includes two swappable system batteries and charging station.
  • The WPC-3.5Z-HD camera head that features excellent low light video, with built in white light illuminators and outputs up to 1080P resolution video.
  • Two extended life batteries for pole & charging unit
  • Two removable and rechargeable batteries for the tablet & charging unit
  • Up to 32GB SD card – (in tablet, removable)
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