Zistos Portable Video Systems

Kit Contents – Part Number: HDVI-5AR-MC16-3.5ZS

1TABLET-5AR-HD5” Tablet, 32G uSD Card, Charger
2TABLET-5AR-SBSpare Battery for 5AR Tablet
3TABLET-5AR-BCDual Bay Battery Charger for 5AR Batteries
4TABLET-5A-PMPole Mount for the 5in Tablet (not shown)
5TABLET-5A-WMTablet Wrist Mount
6WPH-HDHD Handle
7LBCBattery Charger
8BAT-15XLRechargeable Battery, Extended Capacity (2 included)
9HDP-MC1616ft Telescoping Carbon Fiber Pole with Motorized Articulating Head
10WPC-3.5ZS-HD30X HD Optical Zoom Camera with Illumination and Microphone
11HDUS-CASEHard Carry Case with Custom Fit Foam Pockets
12WPH-USBWireless Pole handle USB Adapter Cable
13PSR-HDPole Support Rod

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HDVI-5AR-MC16-3.5ZS Pipe & Vault Inspection System

HD Pipe & Vault Inspection System


System Configuration Summary:

  • Rugged 5” Tablet with 2 Batteries & SD Card (TABLET-5AR-HD)
  • 16’ Telescoping, Motorized Articulating Pole with Pole Support Bracket (HDP-MC16)
  • 30X Optical Zoom Color Camera with Side Light (WPC-3.5ZS-HD)
  • ZistosHD Control Handle (WPH-HD) with 2 Batteries (BAT-15XL)


  • Confined Space/Entanglement Safety Inspection
  • Triage and safety inspection of vault and tunnel failure events
  • Preventative maintenance of degrading components (hot spots) with optional thermal imagery
  • Asset inventory & maintenance documentation


  • 30X Optical Zoom Color camera (sees 100 feet [30M] in the dark)
  • Fully rugged 5” wireless display with swappable battery – no down time to recharge
  • Removable SD card for images – archive images on original media without the need to copy from the tablet.
  • Telescoping pole yields 16-foot total system length, (including handle)
  • Submersible pole and camera, (submersible up to the ZistosHD pole handle)
  • Remotely position-able camera head with motorized assembly on pole, (+/- 120 Degrees)
  • Fully compatible with other Zistos camera products
  • Battery runtime of 5+ hours with illuminators on, (7 hours with illuminators off)
  • Transmits images in up to 1080P resolution using encrypted WiFi to multiple viewers
  • Wireless or wired operation
  • All weather design


  • Improves safety of workers
  • Provides the ability to see in places that are dangerous or difficult to access
  • Decreases the number of necessary confined space entries

The HD Pipe & Vault Inspection System contains:

  • A 5” fully rugged tablet preconfigured to communicate with the pole camera and includes the Zistos imaging software application.
  • A detachable telescoping pole with a remotely position-able motorized camera mount that attaches to the ZistosHD handle to create a system reach of 16’.
  • The ZistosHD handle is the power source and functional camera control for any ZistosHD modular system. It also includes two swappable system batteries and charging station.
  • The WPC-2.5Z-HD camera head that features excellent low light video, with built in white light illuminators and outputs up to 1080P resolution video.
  • Two extended life batteries for pole with charging unit
  • Two removable and rechargeable batteries for the tablet with charging unit
  • Up to 32GB SD card – (in tablet, removable)
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