Zistos Portable Video Systems

Kit Contents – Part Number: HDRS-5AR-FC11-2.5T



5” Tablet, 32G uSD Card, Charger



Spare battery for 5AR Tablet



Dual bay battery charger for 5AR batteries



Pole mount for the Tablet (not shown)



Tablet Wrist Mount



HD Handle



Battery Charger



Rechargeable Battery, Extended Capacity (spare)



11ft Telescoping Carbon Fiber Pole, with Friction Hinge



HD Color Talkback Camera with Illumination



Hard Carry Case with custom fit foam pockets



Wireless Pole handle USB Adapter Cable



Bluetooth Talkback Headset

Download Spec Sheet

HDRS-5AR-FC11-2.5T Rescue System

TalkBack Low-Light Pole Camera with Friction Hinge Camera Head


System Configuration Summary:

  • Standard 5” Tablet (TABLET-5AB-HD)
  • 11’ Telescoping, Manually Articulated Pole (HDP-FC11)
  • Talkback Low Light Camera w/ Duplex audio capabilities (WPC-2.5T-HD)
  • ZistosHD Control Handle (WPH-HD) with 2 Batteries (BAT15-XL)

System Description

The HDRS-5AB-FC11-2.5T is a search & rescue pole camera system. The system’s main application is as a search tool that offers the advantage of exploring otherwise difficult to reach, dangerous or inaccessible areas where victims may be hidden by rubble and debris. 


The system is a hand held pole camera that can transmit encrypted, low-latency (delay), WiFi images that are viewed on to a 5” tablet. The tablet can be worn on the wrist, chest or can be pole mounted at the user’s option. It is configured with a pole mounted camera that telescopes out to yield a total system length of 11 feet including the handle. The camera head that is positioned manually utilizing a friction hinge that allows the camera to be situated +/- 120 degrees from the straight-ahead center position. The design of the hinge will hold the camera orientation after it is positioned by the operator. The 5” tablet display was selected for this system features excellent screen brightness and resolution as our higher end systems, but does not have a removable SD card or battery.


This hand-held pole camera system and display can be used as a search tool that offers the advantage of searching otherwise difficult to reach, dangerous or inaccessible areas where victims may be hidden by rubble and debris. The system allows operators to see and hear/talkback into hard to reach areas, void spaces as well as pan rubble piles. This camera has full duplex audio capabilities – controllable directly from the handle controls – as well as supports up to 1080P resolution. The modular design is ruggedly built, on-site adaptable and compatible with many other Zistos specialty cameras such as thermal, low light and color zoom cameras.


The system is ideally suited for search & rescue operation such as looking and hearing for victims in a collapse as well as any unknown or potentially dangerous environments.


  • Collapse Rescue
  • Any unknown or potentially dangerous environment
  • Pan rubble piles for small details of a victim
  • Hear and speak with trapped victims


  • Low light color camera (sees 50 feet [15M] in the dark)
  • Full duplex audio capabilities (Listen & Talkback)
  • 5” wireless display
  • Submersible pole and camera, (submersible up to the ZistosHD pole handle)
  • Manually position-able camera head, (+/- 120 Degrees)
  • Telescoping pole yields 11-foot total system length, (including handle)
  • Fully compatible with other Zistos camera products
  • Battery runtime of 9+ hours with illuminators on, (11 hours with illuminators off)
  • Transmits images in up to 1080P resolution using low latency, encrypted WiFi to multiple viewers
  • All weather design


  • Improves safety of team members
  • Increases situational awareness in a chaotic search & rescue environment
  • Helps expedite victim location

The HDRS-5AB-FC11-2.5T contains:

  • A 5” tablet preconfigured to communicate with the pole camera and includes the Zistos imaging software application.
  • A detachable telescoping pole with a manually position-able friction hinge that attaches to the ZistosHD handle to create a system reach of 11’.
  • The ZistosHD handle is the power source and functional camera control for any ZistosHD modular system. It also includes two swappable system batteries and charging station.
  • The WPC-2.5T-HD camera head that features exceptional low light video, with built in white light illuminators, full duplex audio capabilities and outputs up to 1080P resolution video.
  • Two extended life batteries for pole & charging unit
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