Zistos Portable Video Systems

Hinged IR Tactical System


1TABLET-5AB-HDStandard 6” Tablet, 32GB uSD Card, Charger, ZistosHD App
2TABLET-5A-PMPole Mount for the Tablet (not shown)
3TABLET-5A-WMWrist Mount for the Tablet
4WPH-HDWireless Pole Handle
5LBCBattery Charger
6BAT-15XLTwo Rechargeable Batteries, Extended Capacity
7HDP-FC1111ft (3.4m) Telescoping, Carbon Fiber Pole with Friction Hinge
8WPC-2.0WIR-HD1080P B&W Wide Angle Camera with Infrared Illumination
9HDUS-CASEHard Carry Case with Custom Fit Foam Pockets
10THP-EBWired Earbuds (Not Shown)

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HDTS-5AB-FC11-2.0IR | Hinged IR Tactical System

The Hinged IR Tactical System is our most affordable high definition tactical pole camera system. The system’s main application is as a surveillance tool that increases the safety and effectiveness of a mission by providing visual intelligence in environments where it would be inaccessible, or dangerous to look unaided.

The Hinged IR Tactical System contains:

  • A 6” tablet loaded with the ZistosHD imaging software application and configured to communicate with the pole camera.
  • Touch screen controls on the tablet allow for remote control of the system functions parallel with the handle controls.
  • A detachable telescoping pole with a manually positionable friction hinge that attaches to the ZistosHD handle to create a system reach of 11’ (3.4m).
  • The ZistosHD Handle provides power and controls for any ZistosHD pole and camera.
  • The system includes two swappable system handle extended life batteries and charging station for continuous operation.
  • The WPC-2.0WIR-HD camera head features excellent low-light, 1080P high resolution video, an impressive 134° FOV with built-in IR illumination and microphone.
  • Up to 512GB uSD card (32GB provided in tablet, removable)


  • Hostage scenarios
  • Barricaded suspect
  • Active shooter
  • Any unknown and potentially hostile environment


  • Low-light Wide Angle IR illuminated camera (sees 50 feet [15M] in the dark)
  • 6” wireless display
  • Removable uSD card for images – archive images on original media without the need to copy from the tablet.
  • Telescoping pole yields 11-foot total system length (including handle)
  • Weatherproof pole and camera
  • Manually positionable camera head (+/- 120 Degrees)
  • Fully compatible with other ZistosHD camera products
  • Battery runtime of 9+ hours with IR illumination on (12 hours with illumination off)
  • Transmits images in HD resolution using encrypted WiFi to multiple viewers
  • All weather design


  • Improves safety of team members
  • Increases situational awareness
  • Allows dynamic adaptation to tactical strategy based on real time visual intelligence
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