Zistos Portable Video Systems

TPTZ Camera System


1TABLET-10A-HDRugged 10” Tablet, 32GB uSD Card, Charger, ZistosHD App
2TABLET-10A-SBSpare Battery for 10A Tablet
3TABLET-10A-BCDual Bay Battery Charger for 10A Batteries
4TABLET-5A-PMPole Mount for the Tablet (not shown)
5TABLET-5A-WMTablet Wrist Mount
6WPH-HDWireless Pole Handle
7LBCBattery Charger
8BAT-15XLTwo Rechargeable Batteries, Extended Capacity
9HDP-MC1616ft (5m) Telescoping, Carbon Fiber Pole with Motorized Articulation
10THC-51D-HDDual Mode Thermal / B&W Camera with Infrared Illumination
11HDUS-CASEHard Carry Case with Custom Fit Foam Pockets
12WPH-USBUSB Adapter Cable for Wired Connection to Tablet
13BHP-EBBluetooth Earbuds

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HDTS-5AB-FC11-2.0IR Tactical System

This new self-powered camera allows the operator to remotely view and control the position/magnification of a rapidly deployable camera system. The camera is equipped with built-in, covert IR illuminators to maximize stealth. The system’s function is to increase situational awareness by allowing its operators to surveil an environment or event from a remote location.


  • Hostage situations
  • Barricaded subject
  • Narcotics operations
  • High crime areas
  • Secure location
  • VIP security
  • Anywhere surveillance is required to remotely observe a situation where no other resources, (power, cameras, communications), are available.


  • Remotely Controlled Pan Tilt 30X Optical Zoom Camera
  • Rapidly Deployable, Weatherproof, Easy to Setup
  • Compatible with the ZistosHD Camera Line (including batteries, smart displays and software)
  • Built-in IR Illuminators with 60 meter viewing range
  • Mounts on a Heavy-Duty Tripod, adjustable to 13’ height (smaller stand available)
  • Links to Other Networks, including Cellular Modems, with Optional WiFi Bridge Module
  • Rechargeable Batteries Power the System for 3.5-5 Hours each (depending on use)
  • Systems come with Two Rechargeable Batteries
  • External Battery Options are available for Longer Runtimes (11-16 Hours)


  • Improves safety of team members
  • Increases situational awareness
  • Allows dynamic adaptation to tactical strategy based on real time visual intelligence
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