Zistos Portable Video Systems

HDu Through The Wall System


1TABLET-5AB-HD6” Tablet, 32GB uSD Card, Charger, ZistosHD App
2TTW-CFF-BW-UCamera: 1080P BW Camera designed to fit in the clamps
3TTW-LSLight Source: Provides IR illumination through a pinhole
4VPC-10-UCamera Cable: 10ft cable connects the camera to the USB-C port of the tablet
5TTW-HS-BGLarge Hole Saw: Drills 6″ access hole in the near sheetrock
6TTW-DRHand Drill: Precision hand drill designed for making a pinhole in the far sheetrock (1/8″ and 15/16″ bits provided)
7TTW-CBClamps (2pcs): Clamps to hold the drill, then camera and light source in place
8TTW-SFStud Finder: Locates studs before drilling any holes
9TTW-EBExtension Bar (2pcs): Attaches to the clamps for walls that are wider than 6″
10TTW-DHEHand Drill Extension: Extension to the hand drill for walls that are wider than 6″
11HDUS-CASEHard Carry Case with Custom Fit Foam Pockets (Not Shown)

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UTW-5AB | Through The Wall System

Ideally suited for Hostage-Barricade scenarios, the ZistosHDu Through the Wall System allows law enforcement to gain visual intelligence into an adjacent room, through a sheetrock wall. The system comes with all the necessary equipment to achieve this goal, including cutting tools, drill bits and stud finder along with the camera system components.

The Through The Wall System contains:

  • A 6” tablet loaded with the ZistosHD imaging software application.
  • Low-light pinhole 1080P camera
  • A custom 6″ sheetrock hole cutter
  • Stealthy hand drill with 2 drill bits (1 to strip out the plaster and 1 to create a small 1/8″ observation hole)
  • 2 Mounting Clamps
  • Pinhole IR illuminator for additional lighting.
  • Studfinder and Spray Bottle accessories
  • Up to 512GB uSD card (32GB provided in tablet, removable)


  • Hostage Scenarios
  • Barricaded Suspect
  • Active Shooter
  • Adjacent Hotel Room Surveillance


  • 1080P Pinhole camera (sees 15 feet [4M] in complete darkness)
  • Standard 6” wireless display
  • Removable uSD card for images – archive images on original media without the need to copy from the tablet
  • Provides visual intelligence into an adjacent room, through a wall
  • Battery runtime of 9 hours while running the ZistosHD app
  • USB based system
  • Wired operation
  • Single case contains everything required


  • Gains visual intelligence through a wall that would otherwise be impossible
  • Silent and Covert Operation
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