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The New ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System
Stay Safe by using remote visual inspection equipment
and inspect from outside the space.


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ZistosHD systems offer a state-of-the-art, high resolution, wireless video inspection tool that allows an individual to make a safe visual assessment, using highly detailed video images of conditions, in a dangerous or inaccessible area. The interior conditions of many confined spaces such as tanks, vats and hoppers can be safely viewed without the need to make a confined space entry.


MVI 5809 TPole on manway


• Full HD resolution – 1080P video

• Ergonomic handle with integrated system controls 

• 6+ Hour rechargeable battery 

• Rugged 5” Tablet mounts on pole, wrist or chest; 10”   Tablet also available 

• All camera functions can also be remotely controlled   using the tablet’s touchscreen

• Special manway-mounted swivel pole available for 
  tank inspection 

• View multiple systems live, simultaneously with   optional network bridge accessory

• Optional Interchangeable cameras: Ultra low-light, 10X   optical zoom, 30X optical zoom, Valve Inspection

• Dedicated software application supports still image   capture and video record 

• Low latency wireless video with WPA2 encryption   (supports fully-wired operation)



HD VIC 2 truck











Valve Inspection Camera (VIC-2-HD) shown in use with 

10" rugged display

The ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System has been designed to perform a safe visual inspection of the interior of a tanker trailer or rail tanker car for hygienic conditions, foreign objects, cracks and corrosion.

This uniquely configured video pole camera system is inserted into the tanker hatch. Two horizontal stabilizer rods span the hatch of the manway allowing the pole camera to stay situated without the need for the operator to support its weight in position. The system allows all areas of the tanker interior to be visually assessed for problems without needing a confined space entry.

The ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System utilizes a self-illuminating, 10X or 30X optical zoom camera positioned at a right angle on the end of a pole. The camera can rotate 360° in a horizontal plane and pivots forward, back, left and right for a full range of motion. Images are transmitted via WiFi and viewed on a rugged 5” tablet – that can be mounted to the pole or worn on the operators wrist or chest. 10" displays are also available for handheld use. Still images and video clips can be recorded for later review.

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