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All Surface Vehicle Search System

Features & Benefits

Applications, Features and Benefits

The Zistos Vehicle Search System (WA-VSWAS14) provides inspection tools for all vehicle types and areas including: the undercarriage, wheel wells, engine compartment, on top of and in the cabin and cargo areas. The system includes three different interchangable video cameras. This offers the advantage of exploring otherwise difficult to reach or inaccessible areas where contraband and IEDs may be hidden. This system is the same as the WA-VSWD14 except that in also includes our Vehicle Inspection Sled (SLED) which slides over mud, sand, gravel and any soft or uneven surface. The included under vehicle camera trolly (UVIT) is best suited for hard or paved surfaces.


Contraband and IED search
Force protection
Ideal tool for vehicle checkpoints at vulnerable locations and attractive targets
Also very effective for facilities seach


Three low light color cameras included (Two types)
Submersible poles and cameras
Under vehicle inspection trolly (UVIT) for under carrage inspection on hard, even surfaces
Under vehicle inspection sled (SLED) for soft or uneven surfaces
Flex-and-stay pole neck for both 2 foot [.6M] baton and 14 foot [4.3M] pole
Rugged, water-resistant system with WalkAbout III video display


Maximize traffic flow and saftety by eliminating ladders, crawlers, etc.
Increase efficiency – one individual can quickly move from location to location to inspect
Compatible with the full line of Zistos cameras


Our WA-VSAS14 is a complete vehicle and facilities search system that operates on any surface – hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete as well as soft surfaces such as gravel, sand, and mud. Multiple cameras and poles provide the capability to search under, over, and inside vehicles, including cab, compartments, and wheel wells. This system contains:

  • 5.6" WalkAbout LCD display
  • 14' telescoping, flex end pole
  • Two, low light sensitive, high resolution, color cameras that are submersible to 100'
  • High resolution, wide angle, low light sensitive, color camera that is submersible to 33 feet and has an effective range of 50 feet in complete darkness
  • 2', flex end baton
  • Under vehicle inspection trolley (for smooth surface)
  • Under vehicle inspection sled (for rough or soft surfaces)
  • 6' rigid pole

System Components

Two NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (BAT-2)
Battery Charger (WBC-PS1-1) with Vehicle Adapter (WVA)
Universal Harness (WUH)
Custom Carry Case (V-CASE)
Articulating Pole (RW)
Flex End Baton (B-FNS)
Standard WalkAbout
Color Camera (WPC-3.5)
Low Light Color Camera (LLC-1.4)
FlexEnd Poles (T-FNS-14)
Under Vehicle Inspection Sled (SLED)
Under Vehicle Inspection Trolley (UVIT)

Customize Systems

Recommended Additions

Zistos systems provide complete flexibility and compatibility. Tools designed from year to year work together; they will not become obsolete and systems can be expanded at any time. Recommended additions to a vehicle search systems include:

ExplorerSCOPE (ESM)
Thermal Camera (THC-36, THC-50D)
Audio (AAM,AAM-TB)






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