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Designed to perform a secondary test as well as monitor and report environmental conditions prior to an individual making a confined space entry. The SafeAirLADDER integrates gas metering electronics and alarm annunciation onto a ladder that is used to facilitate entry into a space.

The gas metering sensor is mounted to the base of the ladder and is designed to be inserted into a confined space — such as a tanker truck, rail tanker, processing tank, etc. The top of the ladder mounts onto the manway and has an integrated alarm console, which remains outside of the space. The console offers a visual and audible indication of atmospheric conditions as communicated from the metering sensor at the base of the ladder. 

When activated and inserted into a confined space the ladder can alert a worker prior to entry, (and management), that the atmosphere inside of the tank is not suitable to sustain human life. Conditions are indicated via a yellow light (indeterminate state or malfunction), green light (environment safe) or a red light (hazardous environment) in conjunction with a loud 120 decibel audible alarm. These visual and audible indicators provide local alarms for the worker and will alert him to a hazardous condition — even if he neglects to perform a mandated atmospheric safety check. In addition, status conditions can be monitored remotely via WiFi on a smartphone, Zistos SafeAir Tablet or computer, allowing management to view the status of all ladders inserted into confined spaces on one screen. 

The system is not intended to replace existing confined space entry safety protocols. It is intended to provide additional monitoring, that not only provides a backup for standard confined space entry procedures, but it can also alert management when established safety procedures are not being followed.




  Industrial alluminum ladder available in various sizes 
  Ladder with built-in gas meter and alarm forces an
atmospheric test prior to entry
  Alerts management that an individual didn’t meter
the confined space/attention is warranted
  Remotely monitor confined space via WiFi on a phone,
Zistos SafeAir Tablet, PC when a ladder is inserted into a tank
              Used in conjunction with the standard OSHA metering safety
protocol, this system provides a secondary fail-safe to keep
workers from entering a toxic atmosphere






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