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WatchAbout Wireless Wrist-worn Monitor

This wireless accessory allows images to be shared by team members in the field. The WatchAbout wrist-worn display is unique in both its price and performance. It includes a small 5.6Ghz transmitter that attaches to any new or existing WalkAbout LCD display. The images from the main display unit can now be broadcast and viewed by others wearing our wrist-mounted watch with a built-in multi-channel receiver. Kit includes: WatchAbout, transmitter, USB 3.0 cable and mesh carry bag.

• Limited range minimizes detection/interception of the signal by
  unauthorized parties

• 22 transmitter channels allow multiple transmitters to 
  operate simultaneously

• Transmits audio in addition to video

• WatchAbout display contains a rechargeable battery

• Complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules

• Supports NTSC & PAL

• WatchAbout Display provided with charging cable

• Transmitter supplied with detachable 3” whip antenna

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