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A Revolution in Search & Rescue

The ExplorerSCOPE™ is the new benchmark in collapse rescue / victim location technology for the technical search specialist. It's a rapidly-deployable search camera system that can be inserted through openings as small as 10mm in diameter to look for victims following a collapse. The ExplorerSCOPE combines a powerful internal laser light source coupled with electronically-enhanced low-light video processing that can generate images of objects and individuals as far as 40+ feet (12 M) away in pitch darkness. A battery-powered, four-way articulated — up, down, left, right — video system that features a submersible, semi-rigid, flex-and-stay guide tube. It can maintain a horizontal position to span a gap when inserted into a void space. The unique features of the ExplorerSCOPE translate into a faster search operation which can save lives in time-critical rescue situations.

ExplorerSCOPE is supplied with hard carry case, two rechargeable lithium batteries, battery charger, battery cradle, and rigid guide tube. It is compatible with an optional Zistos 5.6" LCD to allow additional viewers.


Monocular Resolution 640 x 480
Power Internal lithium ion battery
Length Semi-Rigid .5M (20") / 1M (39")
Length Flexible 1M (39")
  1.5M (59")
  2M (79")
  3M (118")
Operating Temp -10C to 50C
  14F to 122F

Customize Systems

Recommended Additions

Zistos systems provide complete flexibility and compatibility. Tools designed from year to year work together; they will not become obsolete and systems can be expanded at any time Recommended additions to tactical surveillance systems include:

LCD Monitor (WM-5.6-LCD)






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