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Borescopes allow access into rooms or compartments through openings as small as 6mm (.235"). Borescope does not offer remote articulation of the tip, but most can be supplied with right angle mirror adapter attachments. They can be used optically (held directly to eye) or with the supplied video camera to view on WalkAbout® monitor. Available with either color or black & white camera (for better low light performance); and with a rigid or flexible probe. Illumination is provided at the tip by a battery-powered light source attached to the handle (FBL). Borescopes offer a less expensive alternative to videoscopes and fiberscopes.


Illumination (FBL) 94 lumens
Weight 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kgs
Operating Temp -10C to 40C
  14F to 104F
Case Size 21" x 16' x 8"
  97cm x 43cm x 18cm

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