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Through The Wall Camera System

The through the wall camera system provides a means of covert visual intelligence in hostage-barricade scenarios. The system is available in a configuration with just the camera, illuminator and sheetrock cutting toolset, or in a complete "turnkey" configuration with a WalkAbout portable display and power source. Another option includes a high gain contact microphone to provide audio surveillance capability. It is fully compatible with the Zistos Universal Wi-Fi Link (UWL), if local transmission of the video to command vehicles, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices is required.

Product Features:

IR pin hole illuminator for zero light covert operation.
  • Invisible 940 NM light source
  • Works through 1/8 pin hole to illuminate room for camera
Low light pinhole zoom camera.
  • Low light video camera
  • 5:1 zoom lens
Optional WalkAbout III Display System.
  • Battery operated, rugged, weather resistant
  • 5.6" sunlight readable display
Near silent operation sheet rock cutting tools.
  • 6" sheetrock hole cutter
  • 1" gypsum remover
  • 1/8 through wall drill
  • Spray bottle
  • Electronic Stud Finder
  • Drill, camera and illuminator holding fixtures

Please contact the factory for additional information.

Systems Components

Sheet Rock Hole Cutter
Stealth Drill Body
Gypsum Removal Bit
Through Hole Bit
Low Light TTW Camera With Zoom Function
IR Illuminator
Hole Mounting Clamp
Walkabout Display (optional)

Customize Systems

Recommended Additions

Zistos systems provide complete flexibility and compatibility. Tools designed from year to year work together; they will not become obsolete and systems can be expanded at any time. Recommended additions to tactical surveillance systems include:

Articulating Ultra Low Light Pole Camera (WS-TSW-A9U)
Ultra low light camera (ULC-3.5IR)
Thermal camera (THC-36, THC-50D)
Zoom camera (WPC-2.5Z, WPC-2.5ZIR)
StealthSCOPE (SSM)
Under door camera (ZDV-CP/ZSV)
Wireless options (UWL, PNSC)
Articulating pole (AP-TXX"XX" is pole size)
Video monocle (VM)






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