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TagAlong Receiver

The TagAlong receiver is a module that easily attaches to a WalkAbout. When attached to the WalkAbout, the TagAlong is worn on the belt or chest harness. TagAlongs have sealed weatherproof enclosures, a channel select switch and a removable whip antenna.

Antenna Options
The TagAlong receiver is supplied with a detachable whip antenna. An optional patch antenna is available for non-mobile application.


Frequency 2.4GHz (others available)
  2 (consult factory for 4)
Range 700 – 1000 feet
214 – 305 meters
Weight 9 oz / 250 g
Size 3.25"W x 4.25"L x 1.5"D
8.3cmW x 10.8cmL x 3.8cmD
Consult factory for other modules

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