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Tough Grabber Video Receiver

The Tough Grabber is a device that receives a wireless, analog, unencrypted, video signal from any WalkAbout® System equipped with a matching transmitter and captures the image for display on a computer. This powerful tool allows a second set of eyes to view critical images in real-time, assess the situation, and assist in generating an action or response—while safely outside of a remote or hazardous environment.

The Tough Grabber is a battery-powered RF receiver with a video frame grabber packaged in a rugged waterproof enclosure. It uses a watertight, external USB 2.0 interface to interface to a PC. The ToughGrabber uses a Zistos Windows-based software application, allowing the user remote access to real-time video images generated by the body-worn WalkAbout. The system range varies from 300 - 1000 feet depending on transmitter options.

This capability is very useful for both technical search specialists and tactical teams. The system facilitates a quick, easy set-up of a remote viewing station or command center for tactical or rescue scenarios using laptops that are already being utilized in the field.


Frequency 2.4GHz
Number of Channels 2
Range 700 feet
214 meters
Weight 4.5 lbs / 2.1 kgs (with batteries)
Size 10.625"W x 9.625"L x 4.875"D
27cmW x 24.5cmL x 12.4cmD






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