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Zistos announces the new Medium Gun Video Borescope System for tubes from 25 to 40+mm

25 to 40+mm Medium Gun Video Borescope System

Medium Gun Video Borescope System shown with Camera Head Module with centering rings attached telescoping pole with rotational Slip Ring Module on end


The Medium Gun Video Borescope System is functionally very similar to its large bore counterpart.  The Large Gun & Mortar Video Borescope is field-proven with hundreds of systems currently in use by the US Army.  The Medium Borescope System includes a camera head with both — a forward looking camera that presents an overview of the tube’s general condition, and a side looking camera for close-up inspection of the inside of the tube.  Both cameras are long-life, LED illuminated, and the side camera can be remotely focused.

The Medium Gun Video Borescope System uses the same LCD display/DVR as the large system, and can be purchased as a standalone complete kit or as an add-on to the large bore system.  As with the Large Gun System, the Medium Gun System includes the same useful features, including: exchangeable centering rings for multiple tube sizes, video and still image recording, orientation and camera depth readouts, digital measurement grids, and simple one person operation.


  • Forward looking and close-up side cameras
  • Built-in LED Illumination and remote focus side camera
  • Video and still image recording of inspections
  • Electronic grid for sizing defects
  • Reports camera orientation and depth in barrel
  • Standalone System or Large Gun System add-on
  • Designed for field use, as well as depot


  • Visual Inspection of Bushmaster ™ range of Gun Barrels: Bradley and LAV-25 M242, Navy MK38, MK44, AC130 GAU23, Apache M230LF
  • Inspect for wear, chrome loss, erosion, cracks, and other defects inside the entire length of the barrel
  • No gun disassembly required

(Screen captures from actual inspection)

Forward Camera, looking down tube

Side looking camera

Side looking camera with grid

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Medium Gun Video Borescope

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