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Video Borescope with Bore Measurement Accessory

Video Borescope

The Zistos Large Gun and Mortar Video Borescope is designed to replace the M3 Borescope used in the US and foreign militaries for artillery tube inspections over the past 30+ years.  The dual camera (front and side view) video solution provides both an overview and detailed view of the condition of the inside of artillery tubes.  A built in DVR can record video (AVI) and still (JPEG) images from the push of a button for reports, archival data, and for near real time transmission (email, etc.) to technical experts as needed.  The simple to assemble and use kit is provided in a single waterproof transport case and is rugged and field proven for deployment as needed where needed.

Data for identification of the tube under inspection, and information about the location of what is under inspection (angle, depth, serial number, etc.) are recorded with the video or still pictures taken.  A digital grid overlay, calibrated for each tube diameter is provided in order to estimate the size of artifacts found inside the tubes.  A single operator can comfortably perform an inspection in a relatively compact area.  The system can be run from a variety of power sources for maximum portability.  Data can be transferred via removable SD flash card or through a host USB port to compatible external drives and flash media. Video and Still images can be reviewed on the DVR with no external display devices required.

  • US Army approved replacement for M3 Borescope
  • Inspect 57mm through 155mm+ diameter mortars and canons (centering rings supplied for each diameter of interest)
  • Side and forward looking cameras with built-in long life LED illumination
  • Side camera motorized focus
  • Rugged and portable, self powered system
  • 5.6″ LCD monitor can be conveniently muzzle mounted for larger tubes
  • Built in DVR with dedicated one button JPEG and video capture w/removable SD flash media
  • Built in USB for data transfer to thumb and hard drives including FIPS 140-2 encrypted drives
  • Digital readout of camera orientation
  • Poles engraved with depth measurement graduations
  • Wireless automatic Laser Depth Measurement option available
  • Digital grid overlay for determining the size of artifacts and objects
  • Internal wiring to camera with internal anti-tangle slip ring interface
  • Extend only as much pole as required – operates in tight spaces
  • Single person operation
  • Rugged and weather resistant – designed for field use
  • System can operate on rechargeable batteries, AA lithium batteries, vehicle 12DC, NATO Slave, or 110-240VAC.
  • Other power options available.
  • Compatible with existing 120mm XM12 Bore Erosion Gauge (originally used with M3 Borescope)
  • UV option available for magnetic particle inspection

Digital Bore Measurement System Accessory

Used with the Zistos Video Borescope system, the Digital Bore Measurement accessory replaces Pullover Gauges, STAR Gauge, and other bore gauges currently used to measure bore diameters on 57mm through 155mm artillery tubes.  The digital bore measurement reading is captured on the Borescope video/stills along with other relevant tube data and visual observation of the measurement area.  Measurements are straightforward to obtain and are accurate to better than – /+0.001” [-/+0.025mm] with minimally skilled operators.  Measurements are ‘zeroed’ with included calibration rings for each bore of interest – effectively calibrated with each use.  The same technique is utilized for all tubes thus simplifying training and deployment and logistics of various different measurement devices.

The kit includes digital measurement head and adapters and calibration rings for each bore size of interest, and can be supplied in a single transport case with the Video Borescope System, or separately packaged as desired.

  • Add-on accessory for Video Borescope
  • Rugged and weather resistant – designed for field use
  • Precisely measures bore diameters to +/-.001″ [+/-0.025mm] accuracy by minimally skilled operators.
  • Measurement adapters and calibration rings supplied for diameters of interest
  • Measurement head “zero’ed” with included calibration rings for each bore or interest
  • Measurements displayed in real time with location and tube information
  • All data recorded with digital stills/video of measurement point.
  • 155mm breach stop available for precise and repeatable OOR diameter measurement (41.75″)
  • Cost effective replacement for other single use bore measurement tools
  • 120mm erosion gauge attachment available (XM12 replacement)

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Video Borescope with Bore Measurement

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