ZistosHD Wireless Video Rescue System

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ZistosHD Rescue System

ZistosHD Rescue Systems offer a complete set of wireless, high resolution video tools designed to provide flexibility and durability needed for technical search teams in any condition or environment.  The systems provide highly detailed video images that can be transmitted via wired or wireless technology that can be viewed by multiple members of the team in real-time.

The ZistosHD Rescue Systems are wireless video inspection tools designed to aide Technical Search and USAR personnel in victim location operations following a catastrophic event such as structural collapses, natural disasters, and industrial accidents. These systems allow rescue personnel to search void spaces and other areas for trapped victims that would otherwise be difficult to access, or too dangerous to enter without a remote inspection tool.

A typical ZistosHD Rescue Systems would consist of a specialized camera mounted on a telescoping pole that interfaces with a wireless display. Our customizable systems can be configured to fit your specific application and budget.

The high definition cameras are interchangeable, and a system can be dynamically configured with a camera that best suits the task and environment. Camera options include thermal imaging, optical zoom, low-light and more. The camera modules are equipped with highly sensitive microphones that can pick up the sounds of a victim that may be in near proximity, but not visible. An audio talkback module can be added to allow communication with a trapped victim.

The 5″ or 10″ displays supports 1080P HD, high resolution imaging and can be pole mounted or body-worn, using a wireless or wired configuration. These highly detailed images can reveal the smallest visual indications of the presence of a trapped victim. The wireless video images can be transmitted to other networks allowing search teams to view real-time video from a command location. They can record and support still image and motion video capture. Captured images can be viewed on the display, offloaded to a computer and even uploaded to cloud-based image storage services.

Different pole options are available including motorized remote articulation — that can remotely pan +/- 120 degrees and help facilitate a structured grid search of an area. Pole lengths are available that range from 3 to 30 feet long.

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