Zistos Portable Video Systems

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With 5500+ systems in the field – many that have lasted well over a decade and are still in use to this day – Zistos is a trusted source of portable pole camera systems for industrial inspection, military, tactical surveillance, vehicle search, cargo inspection and collapse rescue applications.

See the benefits of the ZistosHD Portable Pole Camera Kits from the convenience of your own department, facility or home in as short as 15 minutes!

Schedule your demo and learn how ZistosHD Portable Pole Cameras can help you:

  • See in places that are dangerous to enter or inaccessible
  • Stay out of harm’s way
  • Keep your system in the field with up to 12 continuous hours of battery life
  • 507 different combinations of Pole types, Camera options and Display choices to customize a system perfect for your team
  • Easily swap your pole camera components with our modular design
  • Top of the line customer support
  • Inspect with clarity – Up to 4K Resolution
  • Share your live video with experts anywhere in the world
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