Zistos Portable Video Systems

Talkback Audio Module Kit 

The Talkback Audio Module is designed to augment the video image by adding two-way communication to the sensitive listening capabilities of any Zistos video system. It is ideal for locating and communicating with a trapped victim in rescue applications and connects between any Zistos cable/pole and any Zistos camera. Our AAM-TB is weather-resistant (not submersible) and features an omni-directional microphone with Audio Processor Circuit that amplifies low sounds while suppressing loud sounds. It utilizes a push to talk built in speaker system for communicating with victims. Kit includes Talkback Audio Module, full earcup headphones with microphone boom, cable adapter, and storage pouch.


Size1.75″D x 3″L
 44mmD x 76mmL
Weight0.35 lbs / 0.16 kgs
Range100+’/ 30+m (with no obstacles)

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