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WBC-PS1-2 WalkAbout Battery Charger

Battery Charger


The standard battery power for WalkAbout systems is a NiMH rechargeable battery pack. A complete battery system includes two batteries (one in use, one in charger), a battery charger, a power supply, and a vehicle adapter tor charging on the road. A fully charged battery will provide power for up to two hours, depending upon the camera and the LED usage. A fully discharged battery will take approximately two hours to recharge.


BCHBattery Charger
PS1-2Power Supply For Charger (wall mount supply for North America)
WVAVehicle Power Adaptor

Also available with a table top power supply (model WBC-PS2-2). Order power cord separately at no additional charge:

PC-NANorth American
PC-EUEuropean Continent
PC-UKUnited Kingdom
PC-CHChina mainland
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