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SLED - Under Vehicle Inspection Sled

Under Vehicle Inspection Sled 

The Under Vehicle Inspection SLED (SLED-BASE) allows for searching under vehicles, when the ground surface is soft or uneven. It’s easy to operate on challenging surfaces, because it has no wheels or arms to get stuck. It’s made of durable, lightweight (1.53 lbs. /0.69 kgs), chemical-resistant plastic that withstands the rigors of movement on rough surfaces like sand and rock. The sled can be used anywhere — day or night — and in inclement weather.

Like our Under Vehicle Inspection Trolley, the Zistos SLED expands your line of sight to the undercarriage of any vehicle, allowing for a quick and thorough inspection. When attached to our rigid, telescoping wand, the SLED allows the operator to see the entire underside of a truck from one side of the vehicle. The right angle camera connection provides a full, 180 degree view without operator crouching or bending.

For operation over smooth and even surfaces, the Zistos Trolley is the perfect complement to the Zistos SLED.

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