Zistos Portable Video Systems


Zistos has totally revolutionized the world of remote video inspection with the new ExplorerSCOPE™. This flexible video borescope is ideal for Search & Rescue, Counter Terror & Search, and Industrial Inspection operations. It’s a 9mm diameter video borescope that allows an inspector to make a complete visual assessment through a hole as small as 10mm in diameter. Designed for maximum portability, the ExplorerSCOPE is battery powered, four-way articulated (up, down, left, right) and combines a powerful internal laser light source coupled with electronically-enhanced low light video processing hardware along with a high resolution video monocular. It can generate images of objects and individuals that are 40 feet (12M) away – in pitch darkness – without the need for any other components! The submersible, semi-rigid, flex-and-stay scope housing can maintain a horizontal position or span a gap when inserted into a void space.

ExplorerSCOPE is supplied with hard carry case, two rechargeable lithium batteries, battery charger, battery cradle, and a removable, outer rigid guide tube. It is compatible with an optional Zistos 5.6″ LCD to allow additional viewers. It can also be viewed on our ZistosHD Tablets using the WXMT-WiFi module.

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ExplorerSCOPE - Search And Rescue Application

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ExplorerSCOPE - Counter Terror & Search Application

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ExplorerSCOPE - Industrial Inspection Application

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