Zistos Portable Video Systems

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ZDV Forward / Upward looking Under Door Camera

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ZSV Forward Looking Under door Camera

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Under Door Camera Brochure

Under Door Cameras 

The Zistos® Dual View Under-the-Door Camera is a valuable addition to any Tactical System, providing a safe and covert view both forward looking into a room and upward looking at the back of the door. The Illumination control on WalkAbout selects which view to display. The camera requires only ¼” (6.0mm) door-to-floor clearance; and its frame integration electronics and IR illumination provide superior images (up to 20 feet, 6M) in complete darkness. An integrated miniature microphone provides audio with enhanced circuitry that amplifies low sounds while suppressing loud sounds.

Our under door camera is also available in a more affordable model with a single (forward looking only) view (Model ZSV-CP).

Our detachable pole with universal joint affords safe deployment and horizontal panning of a room.


Illumination6 IR LEDs forward
 3 IR LEDs upward (ZDV only)
Size.025″ / 6mm probe height
Weight1.2 lbs / 0.5 kgs
Operating Temp-10C to 50C
 14F to 122F
FOV85 degrees forward
 54 degrees upward (ZDV only)
Effective Distance(Good Light)1′ – 30′ (.3m – 9m)
Effective Distance(Complete Darkness)1′ – 20′ (.3m – 6m)

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