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WA-FEST Fire Extension System

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WA-FEST Fire Extension System

Fire Extension System

The FEST (Fire Extension System-Thermal) systems are designed to quickly help determine if there is a fire source in overhead ceiling spaces.  The thermal camera can see through some level of smoke to a heat source without lighting.  The camera can be poked up through suspended ceiling tiles without the operator having to use a ladder to quickly determine the source of smoke or fire.  The Zistos Fire Extension System is an essential tool that will save time in discovering the seat of the fire and allow for it to be extinguished more rapidly during a light smoke alarm call.  The pole-mounted thermal camera and body-worn, portable video inspection system can be inserted into a void space in a ceiling, floor or wall to inspect for signs of fire extension.

The pole and camera combination can be used to quickly push ceiling tiles out of the way and look into voids without the need for a ladder. This process can be accomplished by a single individual in industrial, commercial and retail properties without the need to move furniture and fixtures to access ceiling space. The Zistos Fire Extension System allows this critical task to be performed faster, more safely and effectively than with conventional inspection procedures.

The system is fully compatible with the complete line of Zistos video rescue systems and accessories. As with all Zistos portable video systems, the new FES system is easy to operate with a minimum of training.


  • Hot spot location through smoke in difficult to reach areas
  • Victim location/rescue


  • Bumper for pushing up on ceiling tiles
  • Rigid telescoping pole with right angle camera mount
  • Rugged, water-resistant system with WalkAbout III video display


  • Improves safety of team members
  • Save time by rapidly locating the origin of the fire
  • No ladders to carry, no furniture/fixtures to move out of the way to look in ceiling
  • Increase efficiency – one individual can quickly move from location to location to inspect
  • Compatible with the full line of Zistos camera

Our Thermal Fire extension System, WA-FEST, contains:

  • A display / base 5″ display system
  • Ridged telescoping pole (3 – 8′)
  • THC-36 Thermal camera

Recommended Additions

Zistos systems provide complete flexibility and compatibility. Tools designed from year to year work together; they will not become obsolete and systems can be expanded at any time. Recommended additions to Rescue Systems include:

Ultra Low Light Camera(ULC-3.5IR)
Zoom Camera(WPC-2.5Z, WPC-2.5ZIR)
2′ Flex End Baton(B-FNS)
Rescue Cable Reel(RR-166LS)
Wireless Options(PNSC)
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