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WA-PSW14 Search System

Search System

The Zistos Search System (WA-PSW14) is a general purpose basic video search and inspection system.  The system includes one low light color camera, 14 foot [4.2M] flex-end pole, and our standard WalkAbout display system.  This system offers the advantage of exploring otherwise difficult to reach or inaccessible areas where contraband and IEDs may be hidden. 


  • Contraband and IED search
  • Force protection
  • Interdiction
  • Facilities search


  • Low light color cameras included
  • Submersible pole and camera
  • Flex-and-stay pole neck 14 foot [4.3M] pole
  • Rugged, water-resistant system with WalkAbout III video display


  • Provide ability to see in places that are dangerous or difficult to access
  • Compatible with the full line of Zistos cameras

Our WA-PSW14 is a basic search system that contains:

  • 5.6″ WalkAbout LCD display
  • 14′ telescoping, flex end pole
  • Low light sensitive, high resolution, color camera that is submersible to 100′

Recommended Additions

Zistos systems provide complete flexibility and compatibility.  Tools designed from year to year work together; they will not become obsolete and systems can be expanded at any time.  Recommended additions to the standard search system include:

Thermal camera(THC-51THC-51D)
Zoom Camera(WPC-2.5Z, WPC-2.5ZIR)
D-Cell battery pack(D-BAT)
Articulating PoleAP-TXX (“XX” refers to pole length)


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