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WS-TSW14 Flex and Stay Low Light Pole Camera

Flex and Stay Standard Low Light Pole Camera

The WS-TSW14 is an economical hand held pole camera and body worn display that is used as a tactical surveillance tool.  This system features a 14 foot pole with a foot flex and stay end that allows the user to manually position the camera head into any orientation.  The system can increase both the safety and effectiveness of a tactical mission.  The system allows operators to see into areas that may harbor an unknown and hidden danger using a low light camera with built in IR illuminators that are invisible to the human eye.  The modular design is ruggedly built and compatible with many other Zistos specialty cameras such as thermal, under-door, videoscopes, low light color, throw-robots. 

The system is designed to utilize reliable hard wired video that cannot be intercepted by media or other third parties, remotely detected or used to trigger an IED.  Wireless operation is available as an option upon request.  The system is ideally suited for looking up into attics, down in basements, crawlspaces, and in windows to provide visual intelligence on the location and status of a suspect or situation.


  • Hostage scenarios
  • Barricaded suspect
  • Active shooter
  • Any unknown and potentially hostile environment


  • Low light IR illuminated camera (sees 30 feet [9M] in the dark)
  • Submersible pole and camera
  • Flex-and-stay camera head
  • Fully compatible with other Zistos camera products
  • All weather, front or back mounted display unit with sunlight viewable high resolution screen


  • Improves safety of team members
  • Increases situational awareness
  • Allows dynamic adaptation to tactical strategy based on real time visual intelligence

The Zistos WS-TSW14 surveillance system contains:

  • A split display / base that provides the lower profile that many teams prefer in a tactical situation
  • 14′, telescoping, flex end pole
  • High resolution, wide angle, low light sensitive, IR illuminated, black & white camera that is submersible to 33 feet and has an effective range of 50 feet in complete darkness
  • Weather-resistant, listen-only, audio module with ear buds

Recommended Additions

Zistos systems provide complete flexibility and compatibility. Tools designed from year to year work together; they will not become obsolete and systems can be expanded at any time. Recommended additions to tactical surveillance systems include:

Ultra Low-Light Camera(ULC-3.5)
Thermal Camera(THC-51, THC-51D)
Zoom Camera(WPC-2.5Z, WPC-2.5ZIR)
Under Door Camera(ZDV/ZSV)
Video Monocle(VM)
Articulating pole(AP-TXX “XX” is pole size)
Wireless Surveillance Camera(PNSC)
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