Zistos Portable Video Systems

8 Reasons Why ZistosHD Tactical Pole Camera Systems
Are Right for Your Mission

  1. 6 to 12 hour Rechargeable Batteries (2 with each kit)
      • No need to change batteries every hour or throw them away
      • Battery gauge displays remaining power on battery even when disconnected
  2. 507 different combinations of Pole types, Camera options, and Display choices to customize a system perfect for your team
      • Several predetermined systems based on popular combinations
  3. Surveil with clarity – Up to 4K Resolution supported
      • Self-Illuminating IR Cameras available
  4. Optical Zoom Capabilities – No loss of resolution when zooming
  5. True Thermal Imaging – Dual Mode Thermal Camera has 320×240 Thermal Imager and low-light IR camera in the same housing
      • Can switch between the two cameras instantaneously
  6. Boot Time – From completely off to fully functional in less than 60 seconds
  7. 3ft to 30ft Pole lengths, including 22 & 30ft extended reach options
  8. Remote articulation, motorized pole options
      • Can be controlled by the Handle or On-Screen touch controls
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