Wireless ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System with Full 1080P HD Video

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ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System

The ZistosHD Tanker Inspection System has been designed to perform a safe, visual inspection of the interior of a tanker trailer or rail tanker car for hygienic conditions, foreign objects, cracks and corrosion.  The system is ideally suited for looking into confined spaces such as tanks, vats, vaults, silos, and other large void spaces.  It can be used as an entrant monitor, as well, when entry is required.

This uniquely-configured video pole camera system rests on the manway, allowing the inspector to visually assess any area of the tank interior for problems without a confined space entry.

The Tanker Inspection System supports full 1080P HD resolution, generating sharp, detailed images with a 30X optical zoom camera.  Images can be viewed by multiple individuals at different locations using the wireless video feature on specially configured, rugged 5” or 10” displays.

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