ZistosHD Tactical Wireless Pole Systems

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ZistosHD Thermal Pole Camera System

ZistosHD Thermal Pole Camera is one of the system configurations available from the ZistosHD tactical video product line. The pole mounted dual mode thermal camera allows the operator to dynamically toggle between a low-light IR illuminated standard video image, and a true thermal image. This maximizes the image detail for detecting and identifying hidden subjects, while preserving stealth.
All of the ZistosHD tactical systems can be used in a wireless or wired mode and are designed to help tactical teams make safe visual assessments of dangerous or inaccessible environments.

Images can be transmitted from team to commander in real-time. ZistosHD systems provide a safe encrypted video stream that cannot be intercepted, and is viewable without an appreciable delay.

An array of field-swappable telescoping poles and camera modules are available for use with the ZistosHD systems. These components can be interchanged in the field to support different tactical applications. In addition to the dual mode thermal camera, the systems are compatible with other available cameras with other features such as ultra-low light and optical zoom with IR illumination. The systems support camera resolutions that extend up to 1080P HD video, and provide highly detailed video images, which are viewed on specially configured, 5” or 10” displays. Telescoping poles are available with remote articulation of the camera position and in lengths that extend up to 30 feet.

The rugged, ergonomically designed control handle is weather-resistant and has integrated push buttons that facilitate all operations that can also be remotely controlled using the tablet’s touch screen. The handle accepts a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with a typical run-time of 6+ hours, depending on camera options.

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