Zistos Portable Video Systems

The Zistos Large Gun Video Borescopes are designed to provide a detailed view of the condition of the insides of mortars, cannons and artillery tubes.  A built in DVR can record video (AVI) and still (JPEG) images from the push of a button for reports, archival data, and for near real time transmission (email, etc.) to technical experts as needed.  Bore measurement and erosion gauge options are available for bore diameters 57mm – 155mm.  The simple to assemble and use kits are provided in a single waterproof transport case and are rugged and field proven for deployment as needed, where needed.

  • Rugged and portable system
  • Single person operation
  • Battery-operated
  • Built in DVR with dedicated one button JPEG and video capture
  • Centering Adapters allow use with many different tube diameters
  • Modular design allow use with optional accessories

Medium Bore Sizes

For Detailed Inspection of 25mm to 55mm+ Gun Tube Diameters

Large Bore Sizes

For Detailed Inspection of 57mm to 155mm Diameter Mortars and Cannons
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